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Work and Disability: Contexts, Issues, and Strategies for Enhancing Employment

Work and Disability: Contexts, Issues, and Strategies for Enhancing Employment | Special Education



Target Group:Under-Grads, graduates, educators, researches, and rehabilitation and vocational counselors assisting people with disabilities.

Work is a central aspect of human life in every culture and every society. In certain societies work may be a means by which individuals define themselves and/or maintain their quality of life. However, as a whole, work is the essential means by which we all attain our basic needs such as food and water. In our modern society, persons with disability face a society in which jobs and education are not as easily accessible or attainable. Disability often complicates the delicate interrelationships between people and work. It may affect work productivity, relationships with coworkers, and relationships at home. Thisthird edition covers the latest in legislative background and other contextual matters regarding employment of people with disabilities; vocational theories and research related to disability; counseling interventions, multicultural issues, vocational assessment, labor market information, and accommodation of people with disabilities in the workplace; job placement and job development; outreach through business consultation; and supported employment for individuals with developmental disabilities.


  1. Work and Disability: Basic Concepts
  2. Legislation Affecting Employment of Persons with Disabilities
  3. Employment Among Working-Age People with Disabilities: What the Latest Data Can Tell Us
  4. Career Development Theories and Constructs: Implications for People with Disabilities
  5. Issues with Career Research on People with Disabilities
  6. Career Counseling with Diverse Populations: Models, Interventions, and Applications
  7. Vocational Assessment and Disability
  8. Using Occupational and Labor Market Information in Vocational Counseling
  9. Disability and Reasonable Accommodations
  10. Job Placement and Employer Consulting: Services and Strategies
  11. Job Development and Job-Search Support
  12. Vocational Rehabilitation in the Context of Business: Motivation, Management, and Marketing
  13. Supported Employment

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Work and Disability: Contexts, Issues, and Strategies for Enhancing Employment

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