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Arthurís Teacher Trouble

Arthurís Teacher Trouble | Wanderful Interactive Storybooks


Arthurís Teacher Trouble is a heart-warming story by Marc Brown about studying hard and working toward your goals. Arthur learns to cope with his strict new teacher, Mr. Ratburn and compete in a school-wide Spelling Bee. Arthur starts the new school year with the very strict Mr. Ratburn and Arthur is not happy about the amount of homework Mr. Ratburn assigns. It doesnít help that since D. W. hasnít started school yet she doesnít have any homework. Soon after the school principal announces the annual September Spellathon, Mr. Ratburn gives his class spelling test to determine which two students will represent the class. Arthur and Brain get all twenty words right and are entered into the Spellathon. Arthur studies hard, and on the night of the Spellathon, heís is very nervous. How will he do?

  • A fully interactive storybook for young and emerging readers starring PBS favorite: Arthur 
  • Based on the award winning title originally published by Living Books

Arthurís Teacher Trouble

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  • Publisher: Wanderful
  • Grade Level: Early Readers
  • Platform: All
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Features and Benefits

  • The Wanderful Apps are fully animated interactive children's storybooks that are perfect for beginning readers and early learners. Each storybook is filled with pages that are fun and delight any child, while improving their reading skills.

Wanderful interactive storybooks, like the original Living Books, were designed with input from teachers to best address the learning styles of young and emerging readers. In addition to teachers, speech-language therapists and pathologists are finding these interactive storybooks to be valuable tools for addressing speech and language therapy goals and to help expand a child's communication skills.

ē Virtually every word on each page comes to life when tapped
ē Words are "active" for extended word play and language learning - tap on any word to hear it spoken
ē Virtually every item on each page comes to life when touched or selected
ē Hidden animated surprises on each page
ē Two modes: "Read to Me" and the fully interactive "Let Me Play"
ē Move between pages with swipe or with scrolling page navigation
ē All storybooks are in English, most are also in Spanish, and four of them are also in French!
ē Change language from any page in the story
ē Multiple settings to customize the App for your childís reading experience

Weíve also worked with educators to develop Classroom Activities guides to bring the Wanderful interactive storybooks to life for your students. Each guide is filled with activities aligned with the new US Common Core State Standards to help teachers integrate these products into the curriculum. The Classroom Activities guide, available for most Wanderful interactive storybooks, includes multiple lessons tied to that story with printable support materials and an annotated bibliography of great children's books. This guide is part of each App's Premium upgrade.

Each Wanderful App includes a FREE Classroom Activities Overview, the purpose of which is to combine theory with practice, concept with technique, broad stroke with fine detail, inspiration with nitty gritty tricks. Our goal is to link the exciting technology of these interactive storybooks running on tablets, mobile phones, and computers with the reality of classrooms full of children and paper and books and bells.

Each App comes with a 40 to 70 page Activitiy Guide, that can be used in the Classroom or by anyone Home Schooling or with young children at home during this Coronavirus. Provided as an accompanying PDF file for each App, each contains activities related to the story that is done away from the screen. Printable activities enhance Math, Lanaguage and Dramatic Arts, and Science learning all aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

System Requirements

Windows 7/8/10 Computers - 
After purchase you will receive an email containing a link to download the program and a license key for activation.