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Crick USB Switch Box

Crick USB Switch Box | Crick Software

Crick USB Switch Box

Switch Box
Price: $149.00


Setting the standard in switch interfaces

Our switch box sets the standard in ease of use and flexibility by automatically detecting the software you are using and setting up the switches for you. With over 10,000 in use, we can confidently claim this is the world’s favorite switch box!

The latest version of our database of software titles is downloaded automatically to your computer whenever you are connected to the Internet, and it’s easy to add more titles if they do not appear in our database.

Features & Benefits

The Crick USB Switch Box is the only switch box that is supported by Crick Software for use with our software, and it is the only switch box that gives you all this:

Fully supported by all Crick Software applications

We give free technical support when you use our switch box.

Works with practically all accessible software

You can have any key press or mouse click you like for each switch.

Automatically detects the software you are using

Sets itself up automatically when you open a new program.

Small footprint with no-nonsense interface

Ideal size for classroom environments - no buttons to get accidentally pressed!

Detachable 6 foot USB cable

Our long lead gives flexibility in the positioning of your students and can easily be replaced if damaged.

Quick and easy software installation with no pre-requisites

Installation takes less than 30 seconds and the software uses a tiny amount of memory.

Works on all Windows and Mac computers

Works on all computers from Windows XP to Windows 8, and on all versions of Mac OS X.

Fully standards compliant

Bears both CE and FCC marks showing complete standards compliance.