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Junior Collection

Junior Collection | TechnoKids


A collection of 14 projects teach essential technology skills. Integrate digital literacy and coding lessons into learning.

Collection Includes:
Teacher Guides, Student Workbooks, Customizable Resources, Review Questions, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Assessment Tools
Tech Integration:
Tech Skill:
Animation, Publishing, Digital Citizenship, Graphics, Internet, Presentation, Programming, Spreadsheet, Web Design, Word Processing
Google, Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office Online
Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Docs, Drawings, Forms, Sheets, Sites, Slides, Scratch, Scratch Jr, IDLE Python 3

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Digital Literacy and Coding Curriculum for Grades 3 - 6 ~ The Junior Curriculum Collection includes 14 projects: TechnoArcade, TechnoCandy, TechnoEditor, TechnoInternet, TechnoJournal, TechnoPresenter, TechnoResearch, TechnoSales, TechnoSite, TechnoTales, TechnoTimeline, TechnoToon, TechnoTurtle and TechnoTrivia. Produce a report, presentation, animated digital story, website, games and more!

  • Flexible Ready-to-Use Digital Literacy Program
    Teach children ages 8-12 essential computer skills. Integrate STEM education into curriculum to enhance student learning and engagement.
  • Time-Saving Lessons
    The instructional materials are designed specifically for elementary and middle school students. Each technology project includes an easy to follow teacher guide for lesson planning, reproducible worksheets to promote independence, and customizable resources.
  • Maximize Learning
    Lesson plans include all the resources you need to build digital literacy and coding skills. High-interest themes effortlessly fit into subject areas such as language arts, math, social studies, or visual arts. Have your students animate a digital story, graph data, publish a research report, design a website, and more!
  • Pick the Version That is Right for You
    Lessons include instructional materials for Google Docs, Microsoft Office, and Office for the web.
  • Hassle-Free Resources
    Purchase price is a one-time fee, not a subscription. Access everything you need from TechnoHub. Reproduce unlimited copies for teachers and students at your location. No restrictions on the number of devices within the classroom, school, or home school environment. 

Junior Collection

  • Publisher: TechnoKids
  • Grade Level: 3-6
  • Platform: Win
  • Item #: JNR-COLL

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Junior Collection
Price: $299.00

Features and Benefits

Open-Ended Digital Literacy Activities for the Classroom, Remote Learning, or Homeschool

TechnoArcade: Design arcade games with Scratch coding blocks.

TechnoCandy: Apply problem solving skills to formulate a plan to boost candy sales.

TechnoEditor: Master word processing by editing a publication.

TechnoInternet: Tour the Internet to practice responsible digital citizenship.

TechnoJournal: Inspire a passion for writing with fun journaling activities.

TechnoPresenter: Foster confident public speaking and presentation skills.

TechnoResearch: Develop research and word processing skills to create a Fun Fact Card.

TechnoSales: Investigate dessert preferences to plan a fundraiser.

TechnoSite: Construct a website with fun places for kids to visit on the World Wide Web.

TechnoTales: Code a fairy tale. Build scripts to animate the story events.

TechnoTimeline: Build a graphic organizer to explain the importance of historical events.

TechnoToon: Transform a creative writing unit into digital storytelling.

TechnoTurtle: Use Python 3 to solve mazes, produce artwork, and invent games.

TechnoTrivia: Invent a trivia game with an automatic scoring system.

Project Based Digital Literacy and Coding Lessons for Kids in Grades 3-6

The Junior Curriculum Collection is perfect for classroom teachers, librarians, media specialists, computer teachers, and homeschool parents. The activities effortlessly blend word processing, presentation, graphic design, spreadsheets, desktop publishing and programming into learning. Build a solid foundation in digital literacy skills for future success.

  • Apply technology safely, ethically, and responsibly
  • Recognize the influence of technology on daily life
  • Access high-quality online resources from trusted sources
  • Present information effectively to an audience
  • Build graphic organizers to summarize information
  • Design publications using digital media
  • Organize, calculate, and graph data using spreadsheets
  • Produce illustrations or graphics using various drawing tools
  • Create and edit written work using a word processor
  • Collaborate with others
  • Gain an introduction to programming with Python 3

System Requirements

Google, Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office Online
Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Docs, Drawings, Forms, Sheets, Sites, Slides, Scratch, Scratch Jr, IDLE Python 3