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Learn personal finance. Build a budget and justify a spending plan using financial literacy lesson plans.

Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Business Studies, Language Arts, Math, Visual Arts
Tech Skill:
Graphics, Spreadsheet, Word Processing
Google, Office 2019, Office 2013, Office Online
Excel, Paint, Word, Docs, Drawings, Sheets

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    Develop money management skills using a problem solving model. Financial literacy lesson plans have students build a budget and spending plan. Spreadsheet lessons are used to organize, calculate, and graph data. Then financial choices and insights are shared in a written report. Personal finance activities are for middle and high school students.

    • Financial Literacy Lesson Plans
      Hooked by simulating an online shopping spree, students determine a budget and a spending plan. Following step-by-step instructions, they build advanced spreadsheet skills, problem solve, and justify their choices in a final report.
    • Engaging Money Management Activities for Middle School
      Capture the interest of students with authentic, meaningful lessons in personal finance. Promote life skills planning, decision making, critical thinking, and making connections. Teach data organization, graphing, sorting & filtering, and calculations using formulas.
    • Stem And CTE Integration
      Blend Math curriculum objectives with Technology. Prepare students for future careers with essential, real world skills.
    • Ready-Made Resources for Busy Teachers
      Teach TechnoBudget tomorrow with all the resources you need Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, assessment tools, skill summary, sample files, and optional extension activities for extra challenges.
    • Pick Your App
      Choose the best fit for you. Project is available for Google Docs, Microsoft Office 2019, 2016, 2013 or Office for the web. Site license permits you to use the materials on an unlimited number of devices within your school location.
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TechnoKids TechnoBudget

  • Publisher: TechnoKids
  • Grade Level: 6-9
  • Platform: Win
  • Item #: INT-BUDGET

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Features and Benefits

Assignment 1 Money Management and You

Realize the importance of budgeting. Rate money management style.

Assignment 2 An Unexpected Windfall

Invent a practical reason for a financial windfall. Establish budget categories.

Assignment 3 Discover Spreadsheets

Work with columns, rows, and cells to arrange data in a worksheet.

Assignment 4 Calculate your Budget

Divide a budget into categories. Compute totals using AutoSum.

Assignment 5 Create a Pie Graph and Edit the Budget

Analyze the budget using a chart. Allocate funds to meet criteria set for each category.

Assignment 6 Create a Spending Plan Worksheet

Build a table that calculates taxes, track totals, and uses conditional formatting.

Assignment 7 Plan a Shopping Spree

Determine items to purchase by visiting online stores. Record information in the spending plan.

Assignment 8 Use a Bar Graph to Summarize Spending Plan

Create a graph. Modify the labels, layout, style, and legend. Scrutinize the distribution of funds.

Assignment 9 Spreadsheet Checklist

Verify the content of the budget, spending plan, and chart sheets. Print the workbook.

Assignment 10 Justify Financial Choices in a Report

Prepare a report that explains the budget and spending plan. Support reasoning with graphs.

Financial Literacy Lesson Plans to Teach Money Management

  • Compare Purchasing Options: Research to locate the best deal for an item.
  • Use Functions to Analyze Spending: Calculate sum, average, minimum, maximum, count.
  • Filter and Sort Data: Sort data alphabetically and numerically. Filter by condition or value.
  • Category Comparison Table/Graph: If-then formulas, sheet and absolute cell references.
  • Credit and Debt: Calculate the cost of borrowing and the time needed for repayment.
  • Consumer Awareness: Rate corporate responsibility.
  • Money Idioms: Use a drawing program to illustrate a popular saying about money.

Financial Literacy Lesson Plans and Money Management using Spreadsheets

Motivate middle and high school students to understand money. Integrate budgeting activities into a personal finance, problem solving, graphing, or spreadsheet unit. Encourage real-word problem solving with practical tasks that require critical thinking.

  • Develop financial literacy
  • Determine a budget & create a spending plan
  • Problem-solve to make decisions
  • Justify financial choices in a report
  • Understand credit and debt
  • Organize data in a spreadsheet using multiple sheets
  • Graph data in a pie, column/bar, or comparison chart
  • Format cells to make data easy to read
  • Calculate taxes, totals, & overspending using formulas
  • Sort and filter data, use if-then formulas

System Requirements

Google, Office 2019, Office 2013, Office Online
Excel, Paint, Word, Docs, Drawings, Sheets