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Ready, Set, Read! Program

Ready, Set, Read! Program | Special Education


A sequence of skill-based activities for students learning to read and spell

The Ready, Set, Read! Teacher's Guide provides a script for each lesson plus reproducibles and covers phonemic awareness, phonics and sight words. The 38 lessons begin with letter sounds, progress through vowel and consonant sounds and end with tricky blends and suffixes.

The Word Flip Book is a fun and easy way to make two-, three- and four-letter words.

Includes: Teacher's Guide and one Word Flip Book.

Ready, Set, Read! Program

Ready, Set, Read! Program
Price: $57.00   SRP: $59.00

Features and Benefits

  • Provides 38 lessons for learning vowel and consonant sounds, blended sounds, and suffixes
  • Covers phonemic awareness, phonics, and sight words
  • Includes Ready, Set, Read! Teacherís Guide, and a Word Flip Book