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SpeedSkin UniFit Keyboard cover for all Chromebooks

SpeedSkin UniFit Keyboard cover for all Chromebooks | Keyboards & Mice


Do your students watch their fingers as they type? 
Do they "hunt and peck" with two fingers? 
No more keyboard peeking!

SpeedSkinís blank keyboarding covers improve keyboard memorization, speed, and accuracy when used with typing software. SpeedSkins cover only letter, number, and punctuation keys (not the whole keyboard--a good thing); format and function keys remain visible; easy ON and OFF in one step as a unit; home-row indictors give tactile starting place; bright orange color for easy classroom visibility; covers work with any keyboarding software or textbook; precision-molded and made of touch-sensitive polyurethane (no latex); two cover designs fit all PC, laptops and Mac keyboards; washable with mild soap and cold water; tested to 1 million impacts for cover with no discernible wear; covers come with clear plastic storage tray. Teachers require and students request SpeedSkin covers because they exceed expectations. Teachers love SpeedSkin covers because they make teaching keyboarding carefree -- students effortlessly memorize the keyboard without constant teacher monitoring. And, students master touch typing within allotted curriculum time. Teacher testimonial: ďI just found out I have extra budget money, so I wanted to get more SpeedSkins.Ē SpeedSkin has sold over a million covers to teachers and parents and assured 40 million students mastery of the keyboard.

SpeedSkin UniFit Keyboard cover for all Chromebooks

  • Publisher: Speedskin
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 161272

Coming in June/July 2024

1-100 Each
Price: $11.45   SRP: $11.49
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500+ each
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