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UltraSlim Keyboard Cover

UltraSlim Keyboard Cover | Keyboards & Mice

UltraSlim Keyboard Cover

  • Publisher: Speedskin
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: SPE010
UltraSlim Covers 1-9 each
Price: $11.80


SpeedSkinís blank keyboarding covers improve keyboard memorization, speed, and accuracy when used with typing software. SpeedSkins cover only letter, number, and punctuation keys (not the whole keyboard--a good thing); format and function keys remain visible; easy ON and OFF in one step as a unit; home-row indictors give tactile starting place; bright orange color for easy classroom visibility; covers work with any keyboarding software or textbook; precision-molded and made of touch-sensitive polyurethane (no latex); two cover designs fit all PC, laptops and Mac keyboards; washable with mild soap and cold water; tested to 1 million impacts for cover with no discernible wear; covers come with clear plastic storage tray. Teachers require and students request SpeedSkin covers because they exceed expectations. Teachers love SpeedSkin covers because they make teaching keyboarding carefree -- students effortlessly memorize the keyboard without constant teacher monitoring. And, students master touch typing within allotted curriculum time. Teacher testimonial: ďI just found out I have extra budget money, so I wanted to get more SpeedSkins.Ē SpeedSkin has sold over a million covers to teachers and parents and assured 40 million students mastery of the keyboard.

Two SpeedSkin peek-proof covers fit all keyboards:
1. Deep-Key/standard cover fits standard/stand-alone PCs, G4 and G5 iMac; iMac (early generation) and older ApplePro keyboards
2. UltraSlim cover fits standard laptops; iMac aluminum laptops and stand-alone keyboards; G4 iBook; MacBookPro; MacBook; MacBookAir.