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Animate a graphic story using Animate CC lessons. Master motion tweens, shape tweens, motion paths, and more!

Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Media Arts, Visual Arts
Tech Skill:
Animation, Graphics
CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CS5

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Students animate a graphic story with Adobe Animate CC lessons. Using illustrated, step by step instructions, they learn how to make objects move using static, frame-by-frame, motion tweens, shape tweens, Bone Tool, classic tweens, and motion paths. TechnoAnimate lesson plans teach animation for beginners.

  • Animation for Beginners
    Empower young animators with unique and exceptional lesson plans for Animate CC. High school students complete hands-on activities to build a portfolio of animation techniques. Then they apply their skills to design a one-of-a-kind project.
  • Dynamic Classroom-Tested Lessons
    Thoughtfully sequenced to build animation skills, this project shows students how to draw objects, then create action sequences using different types of animation, and import audio. The series of scenes are combined to produce a whimsical and imaginative space adventure.
  • Inspire and Energize Curriculum
    Hook student interest with fun yet powerful technology skills. Student Workbook teaches frame by frame animation, motion, shape, and classic tweens, and motion paths. Use the Bone Tool to create a skeleton of a figure, then make it dance. Save it to construct a whole dance party!
  • Easy to Implement Resource Kit
    Time-saving tools for busy teachers include everything you need: Teacher Guide and Student Workbook in PDF format, assessment tools, samples, reviews, and extension activities for optional enrichment challenges.

TechnoKids TechnoAnimate

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  • Grade Level: 8-12
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Features and Benefits

Assignment 1 An Introduction to Animation

Gain an understanding of the history of animation.

Assignment 2 View an Animated Story

Differentiate between the types of animation used in a video.

Assignment 3 Explore Animate CC

Set the workspace, view tools, and adjust panels.

Assignment 4 Create Lines and Shapes

Distinguish between object drawing modes.

Assignment 5 Draw with the Pencil and Brush

Sketch freehand, erase content, and add text.

Assignment 6 Explore Drawing Tools on the Tools Panel

Discover tools by creating a garden.

Assignment 7 Use Editing Pane to Make a Car

Stack, group, and alter objects.

Assignment 8 Take the Drawing Challenge

Apply skills to illustrate a bear or chick.

Assignment 9 About the Timeline

Explore frames, frame rate, keyframes, layers, and scenes.

Assignment 10 Create Scene 1 In a Land Far, Far Away

Sequence images to begin the story.

Assignment 11 What is Frame by Frame Animation?

Learn about keyframes and animation.

Assignment 12 Create Scene 2 The Planet

Introduce the character by animating the planet surface.

Assignment 13 Create Scene 3 The Hover Craft

Animate the character driving a spaceship.

Assignment 14 Frame by Frame Animation Challenge

Make a sign or a waving alien rock creature.

Assignment 15 What is a Motion Tween?

Discover how to move objects across the stage.

Assignment 16 Create Scene 4 Blast Off

Design a spaceship and launch it into outer space.

Assignment 17 Create Scene 5 In Outer Space

Animate a spaceship to gradually increase in size.

Assignment 18 Motion Tween Animation Challenge

Spin a star or fly a comet.

Assignment 19 What is a Shape Tween?

Learn about morphing objects.

Assignment 20 Create Scene 6 A Strange Moon

Morph an object from one shape into another.

Assignment 21 Create Scene 7 Alien Friend

Animate an alienís mouth to look like it is talking.

Assignment 22 Shape Tween Animation Challenge

Transform the shape of a sun or body part.

Assignment 23 What is the Bone Tool?

Learn about animating poses using a skeleton frame.

Assignment 24 Create Scene 8 Dance Party

Sequence poses to animate an alien stick man.

Assignment 25 Edit Scene 8 More Dancing

Assemble a robot using symbols. Animate the body parts.

Assignment 26 What is a Motion Path?

Learn how to lock an object to a guideline.

Assignment 27 Create Scene 9 Blast Off from Planet

Fly a spaceship along a motion path.

Assignment 28 Create Scene 10 Land Back Home

Orient a spaceship to the path. Adjust speed.

Assignment 29 Motion Path Animation Challenge

Roll a rock creature or have alien leave ship.

Assignment 30 Add Music or Effects to Scenes

Enhance action by placing sound clips on Timeline.

Assignment 31 Edit the Document and Export as a Movie

Use a checklist to improve animation.

Assignment 32 Select an Idea

Study animation suggestions. Outline a plan for an animation project.

Assignment 33 Create the Document

Apply drawing and animation techniques.

Assignment 34 Share the Movie with Others

Explain artistic choices used in animation project.

Optional Animation for Beginners Activities

  • Flip and Align Objects: Arrange objects on the stage or to each other.
  • Using Layers: Organize content on the stage using layers.
  • Create a Movie Clip: Animate a spinning star and save it as a movie clip.
  • Working with Scenes: Insert, rename, and delete scenes.
  • Express Yourself: Use a shape tween to morph letters.
  • Export as a Video: Convert an .swf file to an .mp4. Share with friends.

 Animation for Beginners

Use Adobe Animate lesson plans as part of a media arts, web design, visual arts, or animation course. Engage student artists in personal expression. Unleash creativity as students build media production skills.

  • Animate a space adventure
  • Draw using a variety of tools
  • Convert a drawing into a graphic or movie symbol
  • Transform an object by rotating, skewing, or scaling
  • Animate an object to follow a motion path
  • Animate using frame by frame animation
  • Morph one shape into another with a shape tween
  • Move or rotate an object using a motion tween
  • Position objects using onion skin view
  • Add sound to the timeline

System Requirements

CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CS5