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Write reflective journal entries to build word processing skills. Engaging activities use Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Language Arts
Tech Skill:
Word Processing
Google, Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office Online
Word, Docs

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Elementary students are introduced to word processing by creating a personal journal. They write a series of entries using step by step, illustrated instructions. Students describe a recent event, make a note of favorite things, and list personal wishes. The text on each journal page is formatted and pictures are added to produce an appealing, eye-catching booklet. Project includes fun, engaging journaling activities.

  • Journal Writing With a Difference

    Spark student interest with digital journals. Build writing skills and promote reflective thinking as students describe and illustrate their experiences. Make an imaginative, eye-catching booklet to share.

  • Inspiring Word Processing Lessons

    Teach word processing using Google Docs or Microsoft Word to beginners with relevant, personally meaningful activities. Use the many story starter ideas provided or integrate journal activities with other curriculum areas. Write from the perspective of a character in a book, a historical figure, or noteworthy scientist. Samples include a pioneer diary and a field trip review.

  • Complete Resource Package for Busy Educators

    Teacher Guide in PDF format includes curriculum planning, customizable assessment tools (student checklists, quiz, skill summary, marking sheet), program tool flashcards, parent letter, certificate, and sample journals to spark creativity. Student Workbook may be printed or used digitally in paperless classrooms.

  • Empower Young Learners
    Use cutting-edge technology curriculum to develop powerful foundational skills needed to make students future-ready. The writing, communication, planning, and self-management skills achieved in this project are valuable personal attributes. TechnoKids projects teach vital critical thinking and solution seeking skills for life.

  • Rich Standards-Aligned Curriculum
    TechnoKids correlation documents list the Common Core State Standards and International Society for Technology in Education Standards for each project. Identify, teach, and track the technology outcomes achieved.   

TechnoKids TechnoJournal

  • Publisher: TechnoKids
  • Grade Level: 3-6
  • Platform: Win
  • Item #: JNR-JOURNAL

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Features and Benefits

Assignment 1 Journal Writing

Read about journaling. Examine journals to ignite writing ideas.

Assignment 2 Be a Detective

Investigate the program window. Identify the function of common word processing tools.

Assignment 3 Create a Front Cover | Step 1

Begin a title page for the journal. Apply text formatting techniques to attract interest.

Assignment 4 Create a Front Cover | Step 2

Illustrate the journal title page. Explore simple picture formatting techniques.

Assignment 5 Yesterday Journal Entry

Write a journal entry about a recent event. Decorate using clip art and adjust the text wrapping.

Assignment 6 Things I Like Journal Entry

Write a journal entry about three favorite things using a bulleted list. Set the line spacing.

Assignment 7 Make a Wish Journal Entry

Write a journal entry listing three wishes using a numbered list. Apply a border to pictures.

Assignment 8 Complete the Journal

Proofread the journal using a checklist. Revise the spelling, content, and design of entries.

Assignment 9 Share the Journal

Prepare the journal for publication. Insert page numbers and then print the journal as a booklet.

Assignment 10 Print the Journal

Invite readers to respond to the journal by recording their reaction to a favorite entry.

Journaling Activities and Writing Ideas

  • About the Keyboard: Introduce the function and location of keys.
  • Journal Writing Ideas: Journal starter ideas inspire new entries.

Journal Writing Activities for Elementary Students using Google Docs or Word

Journaling is an ideal way to have students reflect upon their experiences. In addition to using the activities for creative writing, students can also write journal entries from the viewpoint of a child living in a different time, character in a story, or as a summary of a science unit. Develop word processing skills with fun, engaging ideas and journaling activities designed for elementary grades.

  • Express feelings and ideas in journal entries
  • Reflect on experiences
  • Write simple sentences
  • Use capital letters and punctuation correctly
  • Edit and revise pieces of writing
  • Accurately type using the keyboard
  • Format text and images to enhance a publication
  • Locate commands on the toolbar and menu bar
  • Solve design problems
  • Share a publication by email   

System Requirements

Google, Microsoft 365, Office 2016, Office 2013
Word, Docs