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Create an All About Me slide show. Share facts using a Google Slides or PowerPoint template. Fun lessons for kids.

Promote a sense of community. Use TechnoMe lessons to create a mini-biography of fun facts, goals, and likes. Present the All About Me slideshow and pose questions to learn about similarities and differences. Extend learning to build a family tree, puzzle, or venn diagram.

  • Celebrate Similarities and Differences
    Students use a digital fill-in-the-blanks template to make a presentation to show what makes them special. Activities are perfect for Grades 1 - 3 or ages 4 - 8.
  • Teacher Created Materials
    Innovative and imaginative educational materials include a PDF teacher guide and student workbook, assessment tools, templates, sample files, reproducible worksheets, parent letters, certificates, and program flashcards.
  • Boost Technology Skills
    Integrate language arts with technology. Primary students create a slide show highlighting fun facts, likes, and personal goals complete with pictures and transitions. 

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Integrate Technology into an All About Me Social Studies Unit

All About Me lessons are an ideal way for children to develop self-awareness, accept differences in others, and build relationships. The activities are completed using a template, which supports beginners with limited keyboarding and computing skills. This project can modified for older students by customizing the template with additional slides using provided resources. Activities for Google Slides or PowerPoint.

  • Develop a positive attitude about self-worth
  • Build self-awareness
  • Acknowledge that each person is unique
  • Accept differences in other
  • Foster relationships with others
  • Format text to enhance writing
  • Insert images to illustrate a concept
  • Apply transitions to divide slide content
  • Present a slide show to others
  • Practice public speaking and active listening   

TechnoKids TechnoMe

  • Publisher: TechnoKids
  • Grade Level: 1-3
  • Platform: Win
  • Item #: PRI-ME

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Price: $49.00

Features and Benefits

Assignment 1 Create a Title Slide

Produce a slideshow using a template. Format font, size, style, and color of text.

Assignment 2 What Makes you Special?

Construct an informative slide that includes details such as name, age, hometown, and a talent.

Assignment 3 What are your Goals?

Set a goal. Illustrate a future career choice using a picture.

Assignment 4 What do you Like?

Express personal interests. Decorate a flower template with images of likes. Crop a photo.

Assignment 5 Finish the Slide Show

Apply transitions to divide the action between slides. Complete additional slides if time permits.

Assignment 6 We are the Same! We are Different!

Present the All About Me slideshow. Pose questions to learn about similarities and differences.

Assignment 7 Make an Animated Class Album (optional)

Build a sense of community. Assemble an album to display at an Open House or in the classroom.

All About Me Optional Activities:

  • Set Goals: Use a text box and an image to describe a goal.
  • Share Fun Facts: Complete the slide to provide more personal details.
  • Build a Family Tree: Add family members to a tree.
  • Make a Puzzle from a Photo: Lay a puzzle template over a photograph.
  • Compare Similarities and Differences: Partner up! Use a Venn diagram to compare preferences.

System Requirements

Google, Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office Online
PowerPoint, Slides