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Investigate an issue. Conduct a Google Forms survey to track popular opinion, display data, and interpret results.

Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Math, Science
Tech Skill:
Data Management, Spreadsheet
Forms, Sheets

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Students design a questionnaire to research an important issue using a Google Forms survey. Results from their peers are collected and analyzed. Spreadsheet skills are developed as they organize, format, and display data in a report. In a culminating oral presentation, students explain and interpret their findings using the survey information to support their conclusions.

  • Google Forms Survey Lessons
    Motivate middle or high school students with a personally meaningful project. Engage learners as they pick an authentic issue and design a questionnaire to research opinions of a sample group.
  • Empower Students With Real-World Challenges
    Actively involve students in their learning. Make a technology project relevant. Sample surveys include an investigation of school spirit days, a probe into use of social media, and an inquiry into reading habits.
  • Build Collaboration Skills
    As students construct survey questions, they consider the viewpoint of a target audience. Then they conduct a pre-test to consult peers and request feedback. Final survey results are analyzed, and findings are communicated in an oral presentation.
  • Develop Critical Thinking
    Guiding questions help students to critique research design, consider sample bias, avoid question bias, and reflect on survey limitations.
  • Teach the Research Process
    This project is divided into eight steps. From setting a purpose and picking a sample, through to examining and reporting the results, these essential skills can be applied to countless future research tasks. 

TechnoKids TechnoQuestionnaire

  • Publisher: TechnoKids
  • Grade Level: 6-9
  • Platform: Win

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Features and Benefits

Assignment 1 What is a Survey Questionnaire?

Understand the purpose of a survey. Introduce terminology (e.g. population, sample, bias)

Assignment 2 Compare a Poll and a Survey

Participate in a Reading Habits poll and survey. Compare these two methods of gathering data.

Assignment 3 Study Survey Results

Analyze data from Reading Habits survey.

Assignment 4 Create a School Spirit Survey

Build a survey to learn how to create questions, specify properties, and invite responses.

Assignment 5 Organize Ideas for a Survey Questionnaire

Determine the purpose, sample, data collection method, and questions for questionnaire.

Assignment 6 Build a Survey

Construct a questionnaire that effectively sequences the questions and controls data entry.

Assignment 7 Conduct a Pre-Test

Consult a peer about the design and content of the questionnaire. Implement recommendations.

Assignment 8 Collect Survey Results

Administer the questionnaire to a sample group of respondents.

Assignment 9 View Survey Results

Summarize the results in a report. Manipulate the data using a spreadsheet.

Assignment 10 Analyze Survey Results

Interpret the findings. Draw conclusions about the application of results. Critique research design.

Assignment 11 Present Findings to a Jury of Your Peers

Convey results and their importance to an audience. Provide evidence of conclusions.

Optional Google Forms Survey Lessons

  • What is Sample Bias? Select the correct sampling technique.
  • What is Question Bias? Avoid bias with well-phrased questions.
  • Brainstorm Survey Ideas: Generate a research question.
  • Compare Results with a Pivot Table or Chart: Compare data from subgroups.

Build a Questionnaire | Google Forms Survey

Students become researchers. They develop their own research question, select a sample, and design a questionnaire using Google Forms lesson plans. A pre-test is used to improve the design. The survey questionnaire is then administered to the sample group. Research findings are shared with a jury of peers in an oral presentation.

  • Understand the purpose of a survey
  • Investigate a research question
  • Select a sample from the population
  • Identify bias in data collection methods
  • Design questions to gather data
  • Conduct a pretest to improve survey design
  • Administer a survey to gather data
  • Display data in charts, tables, and graphs
  • Interpret results to draw conclusions
  • Summarize findings in a report

System Requirements

Forms, Sheets