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Design an information package about computer hardware with PowerPoint. Master advanced presentation skills.

Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Business Studies
Tech Skill:
Office 2016, Office 2013

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Includes multiple versions for Office 2016 | 2013
High school students prepare a professional information package that explains the attributes of computer components to educate the public to make purchasing decisions. Students develop advanced PowerPoint skills, such as inserting video and sound, designing a master slide, inserting a graphic organizer and table, and more. TechnoSpecialist high school computer activities include all teaching resources: teacher guide, digital student workbook with step by step instructions, checklists, assessment tools, and samples.

  • Advanced PowerPoint for High School
    Master presentation skills using a personally meaningful task. Assuming the role of an IT specialist, students design a slide show information package for clients about computer hardware.
  • Jam Packed With Features
    Loaded with virtually anything you can do with PowerPoint, this exceptional project shows students how to design a master slide, create a comparison chart, illustrate an idea using a graphic organizer, insert sound and video, edit images, and output files using multiple formats.
  • Promote STEM, ICT, and CTE
    Prepare young people for the jobs of tomorrow. Project-based learning teaches complex technology skills as well as life skills such as design, logical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and collaboration. Blend computer and career readiness in an engaging project.
  • Hook Students With an Authentic Challenge
    The content of the slide show – an explanation of computer components for the public – is relevant and of interest to tech-savvy teens. Actively involve students in the learning process with a motivating theme.
  • Great Value
    Not a subscription. No per student fee. Pay one price and use the materials for an unlimited time on an unlimited number of devices in your school. See full Terms of Use.

TechnoKids TechnoSpecialist

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  • Grade Level: 8-12
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Features and Benefits

Assignment 1 Become an IT Specialist

Understand IT Specialist job duties. Select an employer.

Assignment 2 What is a Computer?

Read about computer types. Identify the best device for the task.

Assignment 3 Input Devices

Learn about devices such as the keyboard, scanner, or microphone.

Assignment 4 Output Devices

Learn about devices such as a projector, printer, or headphones.

Assignment 5 Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

Explore the parts of the program window.

Assignment 6 Slide Master Design

Customize the template for slides in the information package.

Assignment 7 Understanding Data Storage

Study bits, bytes, binary code, and file sizes.

Assignment 8 About Storage Devices

Learn about a CD, DVD, flash drive, or hard disk.

Assignment 9 Information Package and Storage Devices

Create slides that explain the purpose of storage devices and offer recommendations about purchasing.

Assignment 10 Comparison of Storage Devices

Explore storage capacity of devices.

Assignment 11 Information Package and Comparison Chart

Design a slide that summarizes information in a table to compare the storage capacity of CD, DVD, flash drive, or hard disk.

Assignment 12 About Memory

Distinguish the difference between ROM and RAM.

Assignment 13 Information Package and Memory

Organize information about ROM and RAM onto a slide using SmartArt to illustrate the features.

Assignment 14 About the Microprocessor

Examine how the CPU executes commands.

Assignment 15 Produce a Video Clip about the CPU

Capture a video that describes the CPU.

Assignment 16 Information Package and the CPU

Import a video onto a slide to explain the CPU’s importance upon computer performance.

Assignment 17 About the Monitor and Graphics Card

Discover attributes that affect picture quality.

Assignment 18 Information Package, the Monitor and Graphics Card

Create slides that summarize monitor attributes and explain the function of the graphics card. Format picture styles.

Assignment 19 The Sound Card

Determine how the sound card functions.

Assignment 20 Information Package and the Sound Card

Record an audio clip to describe the purpose of the sound card. Insert the clip onto a slide.

Assignment 21 Spell Check and Speaker Notes

Proofread slides. Add information in the Notes pane.

Assignment 22 Present Information about the Computer

Deliver a presentation. Use the pen.

Assignment 23 Create an Interactive Tutorial

Set the presentation to run as a kiosk.

Assignment 24 Produce a Video

Export the presentation as a video.

Assignment 25 View as a Handout

Print the presentation with a custom header and footer.

Optional Advanced PowerPoint Activities

  • About the Computer: Review input and output devices.
  • History of the Computer: Edit PowerPoint slides.
  • Data Storage: Select the right device for the task.
  • Computers in Society: Produce a graphic organizer.

Project Based Learning to Teach Advanced PowerPoint Skills

Make learning about hardware meaningful. Create an information package that explains computer components in simple terms using advanced features of PowerPoint. Include activities as part of a computer application or business studies course. Engage student interest with a real world project.

  • Understand computer terminology
  • Explain the function of computer components
  • Describe features of an efficient computer
  • Compare the capacity of various storage devices
  • Design a master slide in PowerPoint
  • Create a comparison chart using a table
  • Illustrate a concept using a graphic organizer
  • Insert a video and sound clip onto a slide
  • Edit an image on a slide
  • Output a file using multiple formats

System Requirements

Office 2016, Office 2013