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Promote a weekend getaway. Research a destination. Construct a compelling and persuasive advertisement.

Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Geography, Language Arts, Social Studies
Tech Skill:
Presentation, Spreadsheet, Word Processing
Google, Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office Online
Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Docs, Sheets, Slides

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Middle school students become travel agents. They research a destination and then use the information to create a travel advertisement for a weekend getaway using PowerPoint or Google Slides. Engage students and integrate technology with tourism lesson plans.

  • Unique Tourism Lessons
    Engage middle school students as they design a travel advertisement using Google Docs or Microsoft Office. Integrate technology with social studies or geography. Pick a curriculum topic, local feature, environmental issue, historical site, or a personally meaningful location.
  • Play the Role of a Travel Agent
    After researching a destination using guided, step-by-step questions, students create a presentation promoting a weekend getaway. They provide advice, schedule an itinerary, and capture tourist interest using persuasive language.
  • Advanced Presentation Skills
    Customize a slide master to design a one-of-a-kind template. Add lists, graphic organizers, tables, a map, and hyperlinks. Explore a variety of options to share the slide show as a video, printed brochure, in kiosk mode, and more.
  • Optional Challenges for Differentiated Learning
    Extension activities offer additional skills. Learn how to add WordArt, insert video, design an interactive street map, animate slide objects, calculate travel costs, and compare costs online.
  • Build Stem and CTE Skills
    Blend curriculum and technology learning objectives. Foster an interest in critical computer skills for the workplace of tomorrow with a fun, appealing project. 

TechnoKids TechnoTravel

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Features and Benefits

Assignment 1 About Travel and Tourism

Consider the reasons people travel and the role of tourism.

Assignment 2 Become a Travel Agent

Invent a travel agency. Spark ideas for a weekend getaway.

Assignment 3 Pick a Travel Destination

Decide upon a location for a trip using suggestions as a guide.

Assignment 4 Research a Travel Destination

Investigate a travel destination and organize information on a Fact Sheet.

Assignment 5 Gather Images for the Advertisement

Learn to respect copyright when saving files.

Assignment 6 Learn About PowerPoint or Slides

Explore the program window. Identify the function of common tools.

Assignment 7 Customize the Slide Master

Design a unique theme for slides in a presentation.

Assignment 8 Test the Design of the Slide Master

Make a title and introduction slide. Troubleshoot and resolve design issues.

Assignment 9 Complete the Introduction Slide

Entice visitors with interesting facts on a slide. Explore formatting options.

Assignment 10 Plan a Travel Itinerary

Schedule activities to form a realistic timetable.

Assignment 11 Design a Travel Itinerary

Outline the activities using a table. Format the style to make the information easy to read.

Assignment 12 Create an Activity Slide

Communicate information about an activity. Crop an image to decorate the slide.

Assignment 13 Create an Activity Slide in Outline View or using a Diagram

Capture tourist interest by showcasing an activity. Enrich phrasing using thesaurus or dictionary.

Assignment 14 Complete the Itinerary Slides

Confirm the advertisement is complete using a checklist.

Assignment 15 Mark a Map to Show Travel Destination

Pinpoint the travel destination on a map using symbols and WordArt.

Assignment 16 Link to Travel Guides using Hyperlinks

Provide tourists with additional information by connecting slide objects to travel guides.

Assignment 17 Edit the Travel Advertisement

Spell check the text. Rearrange slide order. *Add transitions between slides (*Slides version)

Assignment 18 for PowerPoint Set Up the Advertisement in Kiosk Mode

Add transitions and adjust slide show settings. Set the advertisement to loop.

Assignment 18 for Slides Host an Information Session

Lead a Q&A session. Show presentation to tourists. Have the audience post questions.

Assignment 19 Print the Advertisement

Print the advertisement as a flyer or brochure. Edit the handout master and/or set print settings.

Assignment 20 for PowerPoint Export the Advertisement as a Video

Promote the trip by converting the advertisement file into a video clip.

Assignment 20 for Slides: Promote the Advertisement Using a Link

Set the slides to automatically advance. Generate a link and share it with others.

Assignment 21 for PowerPoint Advertise the Weekend Getaway

Share the advertisement with others and invite comments.

Assignment 21 for Slides Comment on Weekend Getaways

Invite peers to view the advertisement. Write, read, and reply to comments.

Optional Tourism Lesson Plans

  • Create a Fancy WordArt Style: PowerPoint users edit the title on the slide master.
  • Import a Theme to Make a Poster: Inform clients about their expertise and speciality areas.
  • Make a Video Clip: Record a video of a tourist or testimonial. Insert into the advertisement.
  • Design an Interactive Street Map: Mark each activity with links to related websites.
  • Animate the Travel Advertisement: Animate slide objects and set the timing.
  • Calculate Travel Costs: Use a spreadsheet to calculate the cost of the activities.
  • Book Flight or Accommodations: Compare airfares and room rates to find the best deal. 

Step by Step Tourism Lesson Plans for PowerPoint or Google Slides

Integrate technology into a social studies, geography, or travel and tourism unit. Middle school students become travel agents who promote a getaway using PowerPoint or Google Slides.

  • Research facts about a destination
  • Design an advertisement that persuades tourists to take a trip
  • Customize a slide master to create a unique design
  • Organize trip details using lists, graphics, and tables
  • Provide travel advice about visiting a location
  • Schedule an itinerary of activities
  • Mark the location of a place on a map
  • Connect tourists to travel guides using hyperlinks
  • Publish an advertisement in a variety of formats
  • Calculate travel costs

System Requirements

Google, Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office Online
Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Docs, Sheets, Slides