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TechnoKids TechnoWonderland

  • Publisher: TechnoKids
  • Grade Level: 7-12
  • Platform: Win
TechnoWonderland 2013
Price: $40.00
TechnoWonderland 2016
Price: $40.00


In this project, students become marketing
executives for an amusement park. This challenging job has them use Microsoft
Office to complete a wide range of job duties. To start, they create a poster
in Microsoft Word advertising the thrilling rides and spectacular shows guests
can experience. The fun continues when Internet research is conducted for an
animal exhibit to develop placards for the enclosure. Their next task has
students become involved in selecting a new attraction by graphing survey data
using Microsoft Excel. This exciting new addition is promoted by creating a
video using Microsoft PowerPoint. To generate a buzz about the attraction,
season ticket holders are rewarded for their loyalty with an invitation created
using Microsoft Publisher to an exclusive event. With the year drawing to a
close, amusement park data is analyzed using a Microsoft Access database with
the goal to improve customer satisfaction in the future. The project is
divided into six sessions. Each session has assignments with worksheets,
step-by-step instructions, and helpful resources.

  • Session 1: Create an Amusement Park
    Design a poster that promotes the amusement park rides,
    exhibits, and shows in Word.
  • Session 2: Research an Animal Exhibit
    Research animal facts. Layout a page to create placards
    visitors will find interesting in Word.
  • Session 3: Survey a New Attraction
    Increase visitor traffic. Conduct a survey, graph, and
    analyze results to develop a solution with Excel.
  • Session 4: Advertise a New Attraction
    Produce an electronic bulletin board to publicize a new
    attraction using PowerPoint.
  • Session 5: Invite Guests to an Event
    Invite guests to an exclusive event. Use Publisher to create
    an invitation.
  • Session 6: Analyze Amusement Park Data
    Examine amusement park data to make decisions about ride
    popularity, aging exhibits, and location of services using an Access database.

Features & Benefits

Include TechnoWonderland in a
computer application, marketing, or business studies course.

Project Includes: teacher guide,
student workbook, customizable resources, review questions, extension
activities, sample files, templates, parent letters, certificates

Technology Skills: presentation, internet, word processing, database,
desktop publishing, graphics, spreadsheet


  • Select one activity or complete them all.
  • Introduce students to the essential features of Microsoft
  • Teacher guide can be annotated to add comments.
  • Workbook is provided as one file for easy printing. Workbook
    assignments are also available as individual files for paperless classrooms.
  • Workbook assignments can have answers directly typed into
  • Assessment tools such as reviews, skills reviews, checklists,
    and marking sheets are in Word format for easy customization.
  • Extension activities provide optional challenges for
    enrichment such as creating a park map, photo album, or event calendar.
  • Print an unlimited number of teacher guides or workbooks for
    use at your school.
  • Transfer workbook files or resources to an unlimited number of
    devices for use at your school.
  • Store files on a local computer, school-based server, or
    secure web-based server that is password protected.
  • Free curriculum support (1-800-221-7921 or

Learning Objectives:

  • Design a publication for a target audience
  • Format text to attract attention and improve readability
  • Insert and format clip art, pictures, wordart
  • Adjust page layout: orientation, margins, border
  • Apply internet search strategies
  • Format and calculate data in a spreadsheet
  • Graph data and customize the appearance
  • Create slides and modify the design
  • Animate slide objects and apply transitions
  • View,
    search, filter, and add records

System Requirements

Windows: Win10, Win8, Win7

Microsoft Office: 2013, 2016 (Select the sku that matches your
Office version e.g. SNR-WONDERLAND-2013)

Programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access

NOTE: Adobe Reader XI is required to view teacher guide and
workbook files. Other PDF software will not work.

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