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Math Invaders Online

Math Invaders Online | Keyboarding / Typing Instruction


The mastery learning system designed to build comprehensive maths processing power, maths fact fluency and automaticity.

  • Ages 5 to 15 and beyond!
  • Times Tables • Addition • Subtraction • Multiplication • Division • Fractions • Decimals • Percentages • Numeration • Counting • Squares • Square Roots • Powers • Directed Numbers and more!
  • Individualized instruction for every student
  • Essential numeracy skills for every child’s success

Math Invaders Online

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  • Publisher: EdAlive Central
  • Grade Level: K-8
  • Platform: Annual Subscription
  • Item #: EDA00MathIn
Enrollment 1 - 99 students
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Enrollment 100 - 399 students
Price: $749.00   SRP: $799.00
Enrollment 400-699 students each
Price: $949.00   SRP: $999.00
Enrollment 700-999 students
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Enrollment 1000-1499
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Additional Seats over 1499
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Features and Benefits

Maths facts, computational maths and worksheet generator

The new Maths Invaders Online is a resource of unparalleled power and capacity for teachers of maths. It is concurrently a tables/maths fact teaching environment, a comprehensive mastery learning program and a brand new Printable Maths Practice Worksheet Generator.

Children learn best when they are having fun

The fast and furious Maths Invaders Online game engages and motivates students to master mental maths.

  • Carefully sequenced to build mental maths ability step-by-step
  • Little-by-little as skills increase the maths gets harder
  • The children are having so much fun they don't even realise they are learning
  • Players tackle 100s of questions in minutes

Repel the descending waves of maths questions!

Only the correct answers will stop them. If you run into the invaders or they get to the bottom of the screen, you’re INVADED! Get them... before they get you! Spacecraft, landscape and quirky invader behavior change with every level. So does the speed of the invasion.

Unlimited number of activities

The huge selection of topics and levels helps the struggler and dares the genius! Starting with simple counting activities, Maths Invaders Online progresses to cover a massive range of mathematical content including:

  • Counting
  • Addition & subtraction
  • Multiplication & division
  • Fractions & percentages
  • Numeration
  • Square roots & powers
  • Decimals & directed numbers

Nothing less than instant recall will do!

  • Enables students to move maths fact processing out of working memory so they can focus their mental capacity on working mathematically
  • Builds accuracy and fluency for all the essential number facts and tables
  • Builds mathematical understanding, skills, and confidence
  • Nurtures confident mathematicians

Students are motivated by leveling up to new Defender Levels

  • 180 unique Defenders keep students engaged
  • Printable certificates of achievement and coloring in sheets
  • The more maths questions answered the faster the progress!
  • Printable worksheets for each Step

Students automatically progress as they master computational maths

  • 10 learning Zones covering computational maths from Year 1 to Year 10
  • 128 progressive Steps
  • Skip to maths at your level
  • Printable worksheets for each Step

Fulfills the requirements of math curricula

Maths Invaders Online has been specially formulated to cover curricula requirements for maths facts and computational maths from countries all around the world. Each of the 850 sub units has been correlated with specific outcomes from curricula around the world


System Requirements

All licenses are 12-month