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Typing Tournament Network

Typing Tournament Network | Keyboarding / Typing Instruction


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Typing Tournament equips children (and adults) with the typing skills essential for daily living. This flexible keyboarding package teaches beginners, strengthens the competent and challenges the advanced (and it's loads of fun!)


Users begin a Medieval quest at the 'Alpine Peaks' and journey through 16 cool environments, building typing skills as they go. Each landmark introduces 4 new keys and includes a animated lesson, 3 action-packed typing games and lastly, a typing test to measure progress.

There are drill and practice incentives, things to collect, printable certificates and rewards at the end. It's a great way to master an essential real-world skill!

Typing Tournament Network

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  • Publisher: EdAlive
  • Grade Level: K-8
  • Platform: Desktop License
  • Item #: EDA004
Price: $65.95
Lab 5
Price: $125.95
Site License 25
Price: $325.95
Price: $595.95

Features and Benefits

The Curriculum

  • 16 separate sets of challenging, informative and entertaining lesson content•Games, drills and tests fully integrated with the Focus Content for every lesson
  • Lessons and drills combine keys in a variety of ways including Home Row paths, vertical keypaths and common English letter strings
  • Step-by-step explanation and demo of all content such as Spaces, Capitals
  • Color-coded keyboard to highlight finger patterns; animated demos for new keys; animated visual prompts in lessons and drills
  • Drills that strengthen muscle memory and finger movement patterns
  • Printable Typing Certificates to display user achievements
  • Printable Test Results report to analyze user performance
  • At any time, students can skip past any lesson they feel they've mastered, as long as they successfully pass the Area's Test.

Teacher & Administrator Tools

  • Administrative Area for teachers to create and manage Classes
  • Class and individual User Settings can be accessed and changed
  • Individual student reporting provides detailed progress data
  • Available in Network version for easy installation and management across School


System Requirements


Win XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10


OS X 10 or higher, includes OS 10.7, 10.8 & 10.9