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MUZZY Classroom Curriculum Binders

MUZZY Classroom Curriculum Binders | MUZZY Club


Curriculum Binders

With 400+ pages of content to immerse beginning to early-intermediate level students in a second language, the MUZZY Classroom Edition binders offer flexible lessons along with teacher resources to integrate perfectly with your curriculum. 

Easy-to-follow Lesson Plans
Review Exercises
Viewing Activities
Cultural Lessons & Enrichment
Assessment Tools
Project Illustrations 
Reproducible Activity Masters
Teacher Resources

Binders available for these Languages:

Mandarin Chinese

*Binders includes American English support.

MUZZY Classroom DVD Packs are also available.

MUZZY Classroom Curriculum Binders

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  • Publisher: Muzzy Club
  • Grade Level: K-8
  • Platform: Binder
  • Item #: CLB
Curriculum Binder - Spanish
Price: $329.00
Curriculum Binder - English
Price: $329.00
Curriculum Binder - French
Price: $329.00
Curriculum Binder - Chinese
Price: $329.00

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