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Spelling Force Online

Spelling Force Online | Keyboarding / Typing Instruction


Boost Your Spelling Power!

Extreme spelling action that motivates and challenges spellers of all ages and abilities!
Spell your way out of a nuclear disaster playing awesome spelling games with your chosen word list. Have fun and boost your spelling power at the same time!

  • Ages 5 to 15 and beyond!
  • Draws from a huge 9,000+ word bank graded by experienced teachers
  • Word lists include phonics, frequency, word-building, thematic even word origins and homonyms!

Spelling Force Online

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  • Publisher: EdAlive Central
  • Grade Level: K-8
  • Platform: Annual Subscription
  • Item #: EDA00BagDr
Enrollment 1 - 99 students
Price: $409.00   SRP: $449.00
Enrollment 100 - 399 students
Price: $749.00   SRP: $799.00
Enrollment 400-699 students each
Price: $949.00   SRP: $999.00
Enrollment 700-999 students
Price: $1,109.00   SRP: $1,199.00
Enrollment 1000-1499
Price: $1,309.00   SRP: $1,399.00
Additional Seats over 1499
Price: $0.70   SRP: $0.75

Features and Benefits

5 separate spelling games each with a different didactic focus for use with your chosen word list

  • Rebuild the space probe by catching the letters in the right order using the Magno-Beamer!
  • Spell the ignition codes to launch the rocket in Launchpad Panic!
  • X-Ray Emergency! Recognise words quickly before the reactor core is completely exposed!
  • Choose correct spellings to reach the reactor and then enter the shutdown code to avoid a Major Meltdown!


System Requirements

All licenses are 12-month