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Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online

Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online | Keyboarding / Typing Instruction

Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online

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  • Publisher: EdAlive Central
  • Grade Level: K-8
  • Platform: Annual Subscription
  • Item #: EDA00VPAN
Enrollment 1 - 99 students
Price: $409.00   SRP: $449.00
Enrollment 100 - 399 students
Price: $749.00   SRP: $799.00
Enrollment 400-699 students each
Price: $949.00   SRP: $999.00
Enrollment 700-999 students
Price: $1,109.00   SRP: $1,199.00
Enrollment 1000-1499
Price: $1,309.00   SRP: $1,399.00
Additional Seats over 1499
Price: $0.70   SRP: $0.75


Build essential reading skills to unlock life’s treasures!|

Over 2,500 carefully-crafted, hands-on Questions help students learn to read the same way they learn to speak.

Covers all essential readings skills and concepts including:

  • A carefully guided introduction to letters, phonics, spelling and more!
  • Sound – letter correspondences for all 44 phonemes
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation in a reading context
  • Builds and refines basic skills using enjoyable stimulus materials that copiously illustrate the richness and diversity of the English language
  • Explores a diverse range of text types

  • Vary the game play to your level and interest by choosing one of the five graded game boards
  • Play independently OR with others
  • Up to four players of diverse abilities can set their own level and compete with an equal chance of winning
  • Play by yourself, against the computer or with up to three others
  • Each player competes at their own level, so every player has a real chance of winning
  • Match 6-year-old Tina’s tables against Peter’s proportion and Dad’s decimals

Features & Benefits

Children can learn at home or at school

  • Works on Windows PCs, Apple Macs, Surface Tablets, iPads, Chromebooks and other Android tablets
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Unlimited Access 24/7 wherever there is an Internet connection
  • No need for an App
  • Fully web delivered


System Requirements

All licenses are 12-month